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Lemonpop Workshops : Emerge Day @Wellingborough and Corby Libraries "Grow Your Own"

Ghostdavandal Originals presents Lemonpop Workshops : Customise Ur Life @Wellingborough and Corby Libraries "Grow Your Own"
EMerge Day
14th February 2015
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Ghostdavandal Originals took part in an exciting Arts and Culture Event, "EMerge Day" which took place on the the 14th of February (Valentines Day) and which was celebrated throughout the East Midlands. 
"The aim of EMerge is to introduce 5-25 year olds in the East Midlands to a wide and diverse range of arts and culture.  The Mighty Creatives have teamed up with local arts and cultural organisations to deliver accessible, vibrant, collaborative and celebratory experiences that bring people together in their communities and across the region.

This wonderful idea was imagined and designed by our Goal 5 Young Leaders Group. a group of young people from across the East Midlands who have been developing work around Arts Council's strategic Goal 5 (Every child and young person has the opportunity to experience the richness of the arts). This event day has been developed and led by these young people in co-production with The Mighty Creatives.
'We want to build a future where inspired children and young people have the opportunity to express themselves through arts and culture in a creative, fun and collaborative environment'"

We worked closely with Northamptonshire Libraries to create the Branding that was used throughout the "Grow Your Own" event and continue to be used in future events. The Grow Your Own logo was meant to represent the engagement of creative activities such as the Arts and Creative Writing that young people can get involved in, either by leading or simply participate in. The main aim of the project was to inspire young people from across Northamptonshire to lead arts and cultural activities for children and their own peer groups within libraries throughout 2015. The workshops where held at Wellingborough and Corby libraries and included:

Create Your Own...Creative Arts workshop with Ghostdavandal Originals
Lead Your Own...Volunteering workshop with Northamptonshire Libraries
Write Your Own...Creative Writing workshop led by James McInerney 
Make Your Own...Volunteering taster: Children's Craft Activity

We started off in Wellingborough Library in the morning session then moved on to Corby Library for an afternoon session. We spent a few hours at each library engaging with young people in customisation workshops aimed at gaining transferrable skills through Creative, Technical and Professional practise as part of a process that achieves positive results. Most young people we engaged with had never participated in such activities so were naturally excited about trying something different, experimenting and showing a general interest in the many outcomes that can be achieve by practising the processes, also by gaining confidence in practice and exploring new challenges through Planning, Preparation and Production.

Overall the day was a success as we engaged with numerous young people from Wellingborough and Corby who enjoyed creating colourful pieces of work, meeting new people, gaining transferrable skills that can be applied to achieve positive results and most importantly enjoyed their experience. When asked if this is something the young people would do in their own time most of them agreed that this something they can take away and practice on a daily basis or on a rainy day......and that made my day!

We would like to thank The Mighty Creatives and Northamptonshire libraries for being part of such an inspiring event and hope that it continues to grow and inspire young people of Northamptonshire to be creative in the arts and in writing, also to lead their own events and session. Special thanks go to Sarah Brown (Northamptonshire Libraries), Sophie Baczynski (The Mighty Creatives), James McInerney ( the poet...), the staff at Wellingborough library and Corby Library, The Core and all the participants that came along to the workshops and session(...we had great fun!! Let's do it again!!!)

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