Sunday, 19 May 2013

Ghostdavandal at SmashdownTV presents Big Narstie

Ghostdavandal @Smashdown TV presents Big Narstie
Date 20th May 2013
Location: Academy Music Venue

An amazing showcase of live music, courtesy of an array of local musicians and dancers that got up on stage and wowed the crowd before Big Narstie got up and tore the #Base up!

An energetic performance from the BST Dance Crew kicked off the night, ice breaking the event with a new repertoire that was edgy and definitely entertaining...looking forward to seeing more from these young breakers...Keep an eye out for them...This was followed by an explosive performance from the Notorious G13 crew , featuring two of Northampton's sought after MC's...Audio Narxx and Izzie Gibbs,they ripped it with the largest entourage that Academy had ever seen on stage! A very energetic performance. i know i won't forget that one too quick...G13 brrrrap!

Other performances that rocked the crowd include the soulful Angelo, capturing the ladies attention....Karen Preet serenaded the stage with a blissful voice.  King Kash, Jnr Artist and Wanda made their presence felt with some thought provoking lyrics and stage presence.

Another ground moving performance came from Troy Valentine and brother Kreaps held it down with engaging beats and lyrics...this is another local act to lookout this space!!

Finally, Big Narstie aka Uncle Pain made his presence felt by bringing the house down! The crowd responded to his vibrance and moved with a kinetic energy that lifted everyone who was there!  Energy!!! is the word that stuck in my head and i can't wait to see a show filled with this much action, lyrics, energy and a very good vibe that made the warmish evening night a good Sunday Out!

We at Ghostdavandal originals would like to thank all those who came down to the Smashdown TV presents Big Narstie event at The Academy Music Venue.   Good to see all the friendly faces that know who you are...Ceasar (Eclectic Eyes), Lord@Grime Report, MyTees, Ras (G13), Victor etc

Special Thanks to the whole Smashdown TV crew...Tubz, D-Wiser, Green Lung, DJ Skratch, Dama James, The Academy Music Venue staff...of course the GDV team Tasha, Darren, M1ssey-LA-neous, Marvin Hagglar and Aman Mahoon!

C u at the next Smashdown TV event...


Don't F'up the #BASE lol

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