Monday, 27 May 2013

Ghostdavandal Originals @ Upfest Bristol 2013

Ghostdavandal@Upfest Street Art Festival
Date: 25-27th May 2013
Location: Bristol

Bristol itself is a gallery of arts, a mosaic of colour and a hub of creative activity with large exhibitionist pieces that drape along tall buildings to mini stencil pieces dotted around corners that if you look too quick you might miss them. There's no doubt that this is town that has embraced it's graffiti community and combined it into the towns features and has become a highlight which benefits the whole community.

The Upfest Festival provided viewers with a gallery view of live art along one of it's main strips, with pockets of activities in off-road locations such as pub gardens, small parks and simply on the side of buildings.  An array of artist lined up the event, displaying their work to visitors and onlookers.

Our personal favourites and highlights of the whole weekend include rmer1, Kelzo (who we seem to run into regularly...good to c u there), Inkie, Oner (classic favourite) and we also ran into Fancyfeatures who ran a Giant Colouring-in wall and gave spectators a chance to ink something too.

Other artists include Inca (Inca grafx), @faithfourseven, Cosmos Sarsen, @Telmomiel, @brave1graffiti and @Airbornemark where some of the favourites from the whole weekend but our highlight was C215 (@christianguermy). His mural was the main feature of the whole weekend for us and became a central discussion point for spectators, attendees and everyone that went past it. Truly amazing and talented, the piece was finished on the second day to allow spectators and trading to resume...what a talent.

Special thanks to the Organisers and sponsors for such a well organised event and a display of street art that puts Bristol on the map and we look forward to coming back soon!! Special thanks go to M1ssey-LA-nous, Darrel (@1nnfoeD), Aman Mahoon and Marvin Hagglar.

What a trip!!!


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