Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Ghostdavandal Originals Presents Lemon Pop Workshops : Learning Through Customisation

Lemon Pop Workshops
Presented by Ghostdavandal Originals

Ghostdavandal Originals presented its first youth workshop in Northampton, on the 2nd of April involving creative activities.  The event was attended by 24-30 kids aged between 3 to 13 years of age, although the event was catered for kids from 5 years onwards, younger kids were more than welcome as long as they were accompanied by a parent to assist in some of the activities.

The event was full of idea generation activities such as colouring and doodling, hand eye coordination tasks such as beading and disciplinary skills in canvas painting and T-shirt making! The room was buzzing with activity and noise as the kids made their own T-shirts by designing their own elements to be heat pressed onto an arrangement they felt suited them best.

Courtesy of Ultimate Photography

Activities such as Beading started off being a girl-only activity until the boys joined in and started creating their own necklaces and bracelets which was fantastic to see them indulge in activities they probably never done before or even considered.

When it came to T-shirt designing and laying out, they became experts with each participant choosing their own style, colours and arrangement without the help of any parent to create a masterpiece that they all were proud off, and so they were, as they wore their T-shirts immediately they were dry.

Graffiti wall painting
Special thanks goes to the GDV team that delivered the Workshop and for putting on an event that is based on improving others lives by influencing creative, technical and creative skills.  The team includes Marvin 'Hagglar' Mudzongo, Aman Mahoon and Natasha Osborne who worked hard to organise the event and run it.  Thanks also go to Ultimate Photography for lighting and capturing the event and thanks to Academy Music Venue for providing a venue that suited the occasion!

Beading and necklace making

Marvin Mudzongo, the founder, commented   "...we wanted to do something around Easter to give back to the kids, as a community focused event!...we intend to be delivering these workshops more regularly and start working with local schools, organisations and groups like clubs and after school events."

Lemon Pop Workshops: Learning through customisation

After such an eventful morning of creative activity we certainly look forward to the next Lemon Pop workshop so we too can be CUSTOMIZED! So Be Original and CUSTOMIZE UR LIFE....

To find out more please check out the Facebook page and Twitter pages for more information on more events to come!!!

M H.


  1. Hi Marvin, It's a great idea which could work in any community . Good luck with your next event, Richard

    1. Thank you Richard, we will let you know when it is!