Friday, 13 June 2014

Ghostdavandal Originals @Southill Park

Ghostdavandal Originals @Southill Park (1119)
Date: 13th June 2014
Location: Southill Park, Bracknell

Ghostdavandal Originals Team were at it again on Friday the 13th in Bracknell. We were invited to the 1119 Youth Group of Southill Park and what an evening it was.  After a long drive down we returned to Southill Park, a year since the last time we delivered a successful creative workshop there and we were lucky to arrive just before the group started their session which is usually 7pm to 9:30pm. We were welcomed by Mark Hooper who leads and organises the group and introduced us to the group and staff. It was good to see a few members from the previous year that still attend the club, which was great as they remembered us and made it easier to engage with the rest of the group and introduce activities based on customisation to them!

 After a brief introduction, explaining the reasons for customisation, the purpose it serves and where or what can be customised. The young people participated in colouring a large mural we provided which helped in instilling the techniques and for general practise when it comes to selection of colour, how best to apply it and where it can be apply to.  The young people showed an in depth understanding of customisation from the different forms of fashion and art to giving examples of their favourite customisations, with some even willing to try the activity at home. Most of the young people seemed to understand that customisation is more of a personal journey of self discovery. The activity focuses on discovery and finding out the different things that are personal to an individual, be it a favourite colour, saying or phrase, a simple pattern or a nickname given to you by mates and using those attributes to enhance, improve and redefine an object, canvas or an individual. 

In realising these individual characteristics, young people understood that those items can be represented through many different ways, such as simplifying imagery to basic shapes, colour combinations and applied using a mix of mediums ie experimenting with colour and materials to create features, assets and accessories that can be used to customise a piece of clothing, paper or canvas.   

We where allocated to the side of the building right next to the bins (suppose this is the nature of street art...) where two large boards had been prepped for the session. The young people were split into two groups, wher one group worked on a cut out stencil of their logo and took turns in using spray paint to create the image. Using techniques that were explained during the introduction and demonstration, the young people engaged and participated in the activity, creating a colourful piece that they were proud to have been involved in.
The second group participated in painting an African themed pattern that coincides with an upcoming event that is focused on African Arts and Culture. The young people painted a large patterned mural reflecting the diverse ideas they came up with and also reflecting the colours that they all favoured. 

The event was a success and as a team we are positive in that the young people learnt creative, technical and professional skills whilst engaging in a group activity that is based on customisation and street art.  We look forward to working with the 1119 group again very soon in learning and engaging in activities aimed at learning transferrable skills whilst having fun at the same time! Can't wait!!!!

Special thanks to everyone who came along to the workshops and participated in the activities and contributed in making sure that the activities went accordingly, the whole 1119 group (...what a crazy bunch!!), Mark Hooper and the staff at Southill Park, Dee from Flip The Script and Liz from Bracknell Forest Council, Aman Mahoon and Marvin Hagglar Mudzongo from Ghostdavandal Originals.

Here is a preview of last years workshop...



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