Sunday, 5 May 2013

Ghostdavandal Originals @The Make Believe Festival

@The Make Believe Festival
Islington Metal works
Date:5th May 2013

Ghostdavandal OriginalAn amazing day of Artisan craft, clothing, curios and oddities. Steampunk, Fantasy and Alternative wear was on offer and we seemed to find ourselves in between the commotion.

We were situated between the Curious Oddities stall, selling handmade creature sculptures that come with magical and mysterious stories and packaged in custom made gift boxes (Also other fantastical gifts such as jewelry and prints) and Professor Maelstromme's stall, who invents demented Victoriana.  She presents a sumptuous collection of wearable accessories, inspired by history, infused with drama and perfected in the crucible of her imagination...

We found ourselves like Alice, winding down the rabbit hole discovering more and more oddities as we explored the venue and visited  other stalls.  Mostly impressed by the curios and handmade accessories we discovered on our journey, meeting the likes of Dr. Geof, who draws stuff.humorous stuff, tea stuff, rude stuff, science stuff, goth stuff, steampunk stuff, but typically hideous combinations..., Art Your Heart Out by Aime Dearlove whose display of Custom original art work, hand painted russian nesting dolls, skateboards and small illustrations and street art inspired work caught our eye and had a lot in relation.

The ultimate hybrid festival - what an adventurous bank holiday event hosted in the heart of London that offers a rare glimpse into The Make Believe World, as one of the first events to combine Goblin and Steampunk Universes, participants were thrown into a playful world in which they were encouraged you to explore.  It didn't seem to matter what background you where from, colour, creed, type and sort, make believe festival accommodated and accepted who you are and however you chose to express yourself, and that for us summed the atmosphere of the day.

For a day we abandoned the modern world & were thrown full throttle into a realm of Make Believe!

Special thanks from the GDV Team to James@Guerrilla Zoo, Dee and everyone at Make Believe Festival...look forward to the next event...and keep believing!

And a very special thanks to everyone for the support, Darrel and Natasha, specially Aman Mahoon for all the tiresome driving and photography...couldn't have made it without you guys!! 

Marvin H

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